Saturday, February 4, 2012

Taylor Swift in This Month's Issue of Vogue! ♥

Hey Girls! 
I am in love with this months Vogue! As soon as I heard that Taylor Swift was going to be on the cover I wanted it.
 Inside there is an article about what she was like back when she was a kid, her sense of style, her music, and more. I think that Taylor is so down to earth and amazing, and I am SO excited for her new album (they talk about it a bit in the article).

I am also really loving Taylor with bangs! I heard in an interview that Vogue wanted to give Taylor bangs so they were trying to use fake ones, but Taylor told them “Oh, just cut it. It’s Vogue"
I really hope she decides to keep them for a while because they look so good on her!

"It never mattered to me that people in school didn't think country music was cool, and made fun of me for it-though it did matter to me that I was not wearing the clothes everybody was wearing at that moment. But at some point, I was just like, I like wearing sundresses and cowboy boots." - Taylor Swift

Overall, I think Taylor looks flawless in this issue! And I love/really want her cowboy boots (just saying).  

What do you guys think about this months issue? 
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