Friday, December 30, 2011

Look What I Got In The Mail! :D

Hey Everyone! 
So, a few weeks ago I entered HerLateNightCravings's tokidoki giveaway! I ended up winning and I was super excited/shocked that I actually won something! Today it came in the mail and it felt like Christmas all over again! Haha :) So here is what I got:

And a closer look at the eye shadows... 

I am just going to go through each thing staring with the little eye shadow pallets, then the larger eye shadow pallet then the rollerballs :) 

Lion Pappa
This is my favourite out of the three quads. It is the tan coloured one on the left. The characters on it are so cute! For eye shadows you get a light brown, medium brown, dark brown and a gold. These colours are so pretty for an everyday look! And the blush is a peach colour. Overall I think I am going to be using this pallet A LOT! :) 
24 Karat 
This is the pallet in the middle (it is black). It also has aborable characters (like a little unicorn) and the colours in this are gorgeous! There is a white, blue, black, and silver. They are all really shimmery. The blush is really cute too it is a pink colour. 
This is a really fun palette! It is the purple one farthest to the right. The packaging is just like Vegas, cards, dice, slot machine, really fun! :) The eye shadows inside are white, silver (but not as intense as the 24 Karat palette), dark purple and a light purple. The blush is a light pink colour. I really like these eye shadows, they are so pretty! <3
24 Karat Skate Deck Palette
This palette is so cool! I love how it looks like a skate board! They have a bunch of the characters on the front and it comes with a cute little key chain! How adorable? I am going to quickly go through the colours: 
Unicorno - White
Stella - Silver
Ametista - Light purple
Cuore - A very light pink, almost white
Duna - Light brown
Sabbia - Tan
Goccia - A dark blue (really pretty!)
Adios Star - Black
Tempesta: Dark purple
Granata: Green (a lot like a military green)
Camo: Dark brown 
24 Karat: Gold
All of  these shadows are highly pigmented and so pretty! I am really excited to start creating looks with all of them!! :D 
Rollerball Set
This is a perfume set with 6 different scents. They are small so you can take them anywhere you want to go and they have a different character on each one which is so cute! 

I just want to say thank-you to herlatenightcravings! I am grateful for everything I got and I love it all and I can't wait to start using them!! <333 So thanks again!! And if you don't follow their blog make sure you go check it out! It is really amazing :D 
That's all for today! I hope you have a great morning/afternoon/evening and I will talk to you later! :) 

P.S if your interested in tokidoki they sell it at Sephora :) and sorry the pictures aren't the best quality, I had to use my phone! 
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