Monday, December 26, 2011

Let's Talk: Feather Extensions!

I thought a good topic to cover would be feather extensions. They have been really popular since the summer and still are. I see tons of people at my school with them, also celebrities (like Aria from Pretty Little Liars and Ke$ha). I have had mine for four months and I am going to get them switched sometime this break. I think I can answer some questions you might have about them so I will divide this into topics. My personal experience with them, questions (I got a few from yahoo answers), and just general thoughts :) 
Personal Experience 
I got mine back in the beginning of Semptember and I have to say I like them a lot. You can go swimming with them, wash your hair, curl/straighten them, get your hair cut, basically anything you can do with your hair. I have medium brown hair and the feather colours I choose were white and black, yellow-orange and black, and just a pure black also they are thin not thick (I don't really like the thick ones). I also put them behind my ear. I didn't know what they would look like at first so I wanted to keep it safe, no crazy colours (like pink or blue). After I got them put in I defiantly regretted not getting a fun colour, but I will this time! I think I am going to get a purple. They take less than 5 minutes to put in (I think they do them at any hair salon) and it is just a clamp so you can get them removed whenever you want :)
I got these questions from yahoo answers, so let's answer them!  :) 
How much are feather extensions?
I got mine for $10 a feather and I live in Canada, so I think they should generally be around that price. 
How long do feather extensions stay in? 
They can stay in for as long as you want. Again, I have had mine for about 4 months. I am just replacing them because your hair obviously grows and right now they are the same length as my hair and I don't want them being longer. I actually might see in keeping a couple of mine and adding one more :) So they last for a long time. 
How can you shower with feather extensions so they don't get ruined, and how do you care for them? 
You basically forget they are there. I wash and care for mine the same as I care for my hair, I don't do anything special. The one thing you might want to watch out for it brushing them. Sometimes (where the clamp is) the brush will catch it and pull. That had only happened to me a few times but still something you don't want happening. If they do get ruined I would go to the salon and get them fixed/re-done! 
Are they real feathers?
You can get feather extensions that are from real feathers. Personally, I don't know if I would want to get real feathers in my hair and what they do to the birds is sad :( I got synthetic feather extensions and that means that they are fake feathers.  

Anyways, I hope this was helpful to some of you and I will talk to you later!! <3

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