Saturday, December 3, 2011

Blogmas Day 3: Dear Santa...

Hey Everyone! 
Today I wanted to share my Christmas wishlist! It may give you ideas on what to give someone for a present, or what you might want for Christmas! Overall, it is always fun to write out a wishlist! 
My List :) 
Pajama bottoms and slippers. I love coming home and putting on pajama pants and slippers, it is always so warm and cozy! 
From MAC I want lipstick in Quite a Thing, eye shadow in All That glitters and Quarry. I love the lipstick Quite a Thing, it is a fuchsia colour and so gorgeous! I don't own anything like it, and for the eye shadows I just have been wanting them for a while. 
For books I want Bobbie Browns Makeup Manual and Twisted (the newest Pretty Little Liar novel).
I also want a camera, as you know mine is broken so I could really use a new one!
In video games I want Mario Galaxy 2. I love Mario games! I have already beat the first one and I am really excited to try out the next one. 
I also really really want an iPad, but I really don't think that is going to happen, but you never know! :) 

So, that is my Christmas list! I also want some random stuff like nail polishes and clothes. But those are the main things :)

What is on your Christmas List?
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