Saturday, December 24, 2011

Blogmas Day 11: It's Christmas Eve! :)

Are you guys excited for tomorrow? 
Christmas Eve is my favourite day of the year (I like it even more than Christmas Day itself!). 
Today I actually finished up some Christmas shopping! Yeah, I am bad for leaving it so last minute, hahaa. The mall wasn't even busy. I was so surprised! Also, I got my phone fixed! They had to replace the trackball, I am so happy! I can call people again! Yayyy!
Tonight has been pretty laid back. Just hanging with my family :) 
I just got to open my Christmas pajamas (I always get to open new pajamas on Christmas eve) and they are so cute and cuddly. They are plaid bottoms (purple and navy) and a navy tank top that has all these cute winter sayings :)
I have been also watching Christmas specials, right now I am watching Rudolph :) And I am tracking Santa! Haha, so you have probably heard of it but its called Norad Santa Tracker ( and you can see what country Santa is in and where he has been. Pretty cool :)
So, I should probably go now, but I hope you guys have a great Christmas Eve and talk to you tomorrow!! 
P.S Here is a Christmas Eve song! :) 


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