Friday, December 23, 2011

Blogmas Day 10: Ins & Outs of December

Merry Christmas Eve's Eve! :)
Today I am going to go through my ins & outs of December! LEGGO :D 

  • Christmas: I love Christmas so much! It is my all time favourite holiday <3 I have been loving the baking, eating the baked goods, the shows, movies, shopping, and just everyone being merry. 
  • Skating: Yesterday I got to go skating for the first time this year! I love skating it is so much fun :) I still have to buy some new skates because the ones I have now are getting old (if your wondering I use hockey skates but I thinking of switching to figure skates). I am probably an average skater, but I still can't stop, haha! :) One year I went speed skating and it was amazing! If you ever get the chance, try it! I am hoping to go again this year.
  • Twitter & Tumblr: Recently I have been addicted to tumblr and twitter. On my twitter I just post whats happening and quotes and tumblr is just random pictures. Anyway, if you want to follow me here are the links: twitter and my tumblr. Oh, and I will follow back! Just ask :) 
  • School: School has been so crazy this month. I had so much work to do! I am sorta sad that I didn't get to do all of my blogmas ideas, but I guess I can do them next year! I am also really tired, I am SO happy that today was my last day! No more school for 2 weeks!!! :D 
  • My Crapberry: That is what I now call my blackberry (I got the word from Ingrid, but I think it suits my phone perfectly!). It has been so annoying recently! I have an older version so it has the trackball and it is suck and won't scroll down. That means I can't text/call anyone unless they text me first. Also I have this alarm on my phone to wake me up in the morning and because my phone won't scroll down it is going to go off at 7am everyday this break! I have tried a million things to fix it (like the paper trick) do you guys have any ideas? Also, it won't go on standby, so annoying. Sorry, this was a bit of a rant, haha. I am going to see if I can get it fixed after Christmas! 
  • No Snow: I can't believe it is suppose to be a green Christmas. The weather has been so strange! It felt like spring a few days ago and now it is freezing outside! Hopefully it snows before Christmas! *fingers crossed*
Those are my ins & outs! What are yours? :) 
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