Monday, December 5, 2011

Blogmas Day 4: Homemade Ornaments

Hey Everyone!
Sorry for not doing blogmas yesterday, I can't believe that I missed a day. I was doing homework and I didn't have anytime to write. So now I am a day behind...
On a brighter note, today I wanted to give you some homemade ornament ideas :) You can hang them on your tree, or give them as gifts.
Glass Ball Ornament
So, this ornament is going to look like the one above. 
You will need:
- a glass ornament (I got mine from Michaels craft store)
- anything you want to put inside it, you can use paint or paper, glitter or music notes
How to make it:
So take of the top of the ornament, that will be the metal part. They should just be able to come off. 
If you want it to look like the picture above just get music sheets and glitter paper, whatever you might have into strips. Then just put in into the ornament. 
You can also put paint in them and swirl it to give it a unique effect. Or, you can just paint the outside.
I just had a great idea! You could make little paper swans and put it into the ornament! How cute is that?! Adorable <3 
Paper Ball Ornament 
I found this picture on and wanted to make one myself! So, I searched it on google and just finished making my own :) Here is how to make it!
What you are going to need: 
- paper
- scissors
- stapler
- glue
How to make it:
Trace out nine circles. It can be an size you want and the paper can be whatever you want :)
Fold each circle in half and place them in a stack. Staple them at the top, middle and bottom fold (make sure that they are unfolded when you staple it).
One by one glue them together alternating from top and bottom. 
And that's all, pretty cute, eh? :) 

Those are two idea's for homemade ornaments :) I think that they are pretty easy and a great project to do when your bored. Hopefully you found this helpful and will try some of these out! Anyway, I will talk to you tomorrow! 
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