Friday, December 16, 2011

Blogmas Day 8: Dashing Through The Snow...

Hey Everyone! 
Today I wanted to talk about my favourite activities to do in the winter time! Obviously these deer like to build snowmen, haha :) 

My top thing is sledding/skiing. I love sledding. It is the funnest thing ever! When I was like 10 or something my friends and I went to a hill and built ramps on the bottom so you would 'fly'. We then had people under the ramp and you would go over them. So much fun! I think I have a video of it on YouTube actually...Also, I have always wanted to go to Quebec for their winter carnival, it looks amazing! They have this snow slide (I am not sure if there is ice on it), but you get in a tube thing and go down. Pretty cool, right?
My other top activity is skiing. I have only been downhill once and it was a lot of fun, hopefully I can go this year! :) I sometimes go cross country skiing, but my skis are like 100 years old..I should probably update them :P 

Skating! Of course skating has to be one of my favourite winter actives! I love it (even though I can't stop, haha). It is fun to go with a group of friends and get hot chocolate and skate around the rink :) 

My last favourite activity is just playing in the snow. I am a total kid, I know. But it is sooo much fun to be outside and build a snowman, or make snow angles. I also like to play with my dog in the snow, he is so funny! He makes little tunnels and then pops up and is covered in snow and you can only see his eyes, lol :) 

Those are some of my favourite winter activites :) Andddd only 9 more days until Christmas!! Ahhh :D Anyways, talk to you later! 

What are your favourite winter activity? :)
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