Sunday, November 27, 2011

Get The Look: Hit The Lights

Selena Gomez's new music video Hit The Lights came out a while ago. 
I am in love with the song, her outfits (can I really just steal them? they are so cute!) and makeup! I have been playing around to try to get the look from this video. This is what I can up with:

1) Apply your normal foundation. 
2) Put concealer under your eyes and anywhere there is redness (On a side note, my favourite concealer maybelline dream mouse is being discontinued! Its the saddest this ever!!)
3) Apply any setting powder with a big fluffy brush. 
4) Smile and apply some pink blush! :) 
5) Apply a light brown eye shadow all over your lid going three fourths up (towards your brow).
6) Get a medium brown shadow (in between the light and the darkest brown you use) and put it on the outer half of the lid, blend it with the other colour (if you don't have a blending brush your finger always works).
7) Get a darker colour of brown and put it in the outer corner and blend it into your crease. 
8) In the very outer corner get a black colour and put a little bit on the outter edge and draw a little line it towards your brow. This will create that wing Selena has in her video. 
9) Use your finger to soften the shadows and add a highlight colour under your brow.
10) Apply eye liner to your top and bottom waterline. Also curl your lashes and apply mascara. 
11) Her lips are a bright pink. MAC's Show Orchid is a hot pink lip stick, I think it fits this look really well! Any lipstick that is a bright/hot pink you have will work for this :) 

She has a million different hairstyles in this! It really depends on you! You can have it curly, straight, up in a pony or colour extensions! :) If you are straightening it I suggest parting it in the middle. 

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and here is the music video if your interested in seeing it! 

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