Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hair Tutorial: Top Knot :)

Top Knots are quickly becoming one of my favourite hair styles! There are two ways I like to do my top knot: Normal (like in the picture above) and Braided. Also at the end I will give you tips on how to deal/avoid "hairaches"! 

Top Knot
For a normal top knot you are going to need 2 elastics, bobby pins and hairspray (optional)
First flip your head upside down and brush your hair out.
Then collect your hair on the top of your head and put it into a ponytail. 
Take your hair in the ponytail and twist it.
Eventually put your hair into a bun (by moving it around the elastic). Once it s how you like it tie it off with an elastic. 
You can use the bobby pins if you hair is falling out or you want to fix it up a bit.
You can hair spray your top knot if you want it to look more polished or leave it and have it look more messy (personally, I like to have it messy). 
You can also have it off center to make it look more fun!

Braided Top Knot
This is really similar to the top knot but has a little twist!
You will need 2-3 elastics (one small), bobby pins and hairspray (optional) 
Flip your head upside down and brush out your hair.
Collect your hair at the top of your head and tie it in a ponytail.
Next, braid your hair and when your done tie it with a little elastic.
Then wrap it around the elastic.
You can secure it with bobby pins or another elastic. 
You can make this look polished or messy just like the normal top knot.

How to Deal/Avoid a "Hairache"
After having your hair up all day can give you a "hairache". That's basically a headache but its just your scalp hurting. Here are some tips to deal with it:
- don't tie it tightly 
- shower after you take it down
- massage your hair after you take it down
I know it is always a downside for me when I have my hair up. 
If you have any other tips on how to avoid a "hairache" put them in the comments :) 

That's how to do a top knot and a braided top knot :) Hopefully this was helpful! 
And I don't think I am going to be doing any nails of the week this week because I am probably not going to be painting them (but maybe tomorrow, we will see!). Anyways, talk to you tomorrow!

Whats your favourite hair style? 
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