Monday, November 14, 2011

My Lush Shopping List :)

Lush is one of my favourite bath shops :) It smells so yummy, it is like heaven on earth! 
I don't go shopping there often so I made a list of things I want to get the next time I go. So, here is my shopping list :) and I might do a haul when I end up going shopping :D 

Bath Bombs
- Cinders. I want to get this one because I heard Fleur talking about it in a lush haul and it sounded like it would smell really yummy. It is described as a sweet and spicy sent. It also has fizzy candy in it :) 
- Satsumo Santa. I only want this because it is shaped as a Santa...but how cute is that?!
- Pink Bath Bomb. This is my all time favourite bath bomb! I get it every time I go. It is pink (obviously) and has 3 little flowers on the outside. It smells so good! The site describes the sent as pink bon-bons! And wanna know the best part? It turns the water PINK and a million little hearts are left in the water <3

Bubble Bars
- The Comforter. This is my favourtie smelling bubble bar. I have been wanting it for such a long time! It has pink and white swirls and it sorta in the shape of a square. The description says: gives the feeling of being hugged by a jolly blackcurrant, haha! 
- Christmas Eve. I think I am going to get this an use it on Christmas Eve! How cute! I am so excited :) It is suppose to smell like jasmine and ylang ylang - yumm <3 Plus, it might have a golden ticket inside (I don't really know what happens when you find a golden ticket...but it must be good!)

Face Masks
- Cupcake. I really want to get this mask, if I do I will totally do a review on it! It is suppose to calm redness and deeply cleanse. It also smells super good - like all lush products! 

 That is all that is on my list. Hopefully I can get most of it but I will for sure get the Cupcake face mask and do a review, but I will do a mini haul even if I don't get a whole lot :)  
And my nails of the week should be up tomorrow or the next day (probably the next day because I have dance tomorrow). Talk to you laterrr!

What's your favourite lush goodie? :)
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