Friday, November 4, 2011

10 Most Wanted

Instead of doing a favourites post this month I decided to mix it up by doing a 10 Most Wanted post! I am not doing a favourites post because my camera broke and I only have 2 beauty favourites so I am probably going to save them for my november favourites : ) 
Anywho, this post is just going to be on the 10 things I want most at the moment:

number one: new boots 

Winter is quickly coming and I am clueless on what boots to buy this year! I was thinking UGGs but I am not sure of how good they are for the snow (like leaking and that sort of thing). 
Let me know what boots your wearing in the comments below!

number two: a new coat

Haha, a lot of this is winter stuff! I haven't gotten the chance to go shopping yet! 
 So, one of my favourite winter coats of all time are the TNA coats. I saw people wearing them all the time last year and they just looked so cute <3 
I am also thinking about getting a ski jacket, but I can't really decide...

number three: healthy sexy hair soy tri-wheat leave in conditioner

My hair tends to get really staticy/dry in the winter. So, I was watching missglamorazzi's newest video and she mentioned that it helps with staticy hair. So, I am going to try to find it and I really hope it works :) I will do a review on it if I end up finding it!

number four: moroccan oil
Recently I have been straightening my hair a lot, so I was wanting to get moroccan oil just to make it more soft and silky. I also heard it smells really yummy!

number five: victoria secret's pink hoodie and sweatpants 
I really like the Pink line and I have been wanting to get something from it for a long time now. The reason that I haven't gotten the chance to get anything is because there is no Victoria Secret where I live. I am probably going to ask for it for Christmas. But yeah, I have been really getting into wearing cozy clothes at home :)

number six: bow ring
This ring is from Kate Spade and I really love it! It is so cute <3 I have been wanting a basic ring for a while now and I fell in love with this one as soon as I saw it! I like how it can match any outfit and it isn't to over the top. 

number seven: a new camera 
I really need a new camera and I am hoping I get one for Christmas! If yo have any suggestions please put it in the comments below :) 

number eight: eos lip balm 
EOS has a limited edition balm out called strawberry sorbet. It is seems like it would be so yummy! I really want it but I don't think I will be able to get it because I doubt I will be able to find it, but you never know! 

number nine: bobbie brown makeup manual 
I recently flipped through this book and I absolutely love it! This is probably number one on my shopping list! 

number ten: a kitten! 
I have been wanting a kitten for such a long time. They are so cute and fluffy! <3 

So that is my 10 most wanted :) As you may have noticed I have started to blog every other day (before I was blogging everyday).This is just because I have been running out of ideas and busy with homework. So yeah that's about it, I will talk to you later! :D

Whats on your most wanted list? 
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