Monday, November 21, 2011

Weekend Fun !

Hey Everyone! 
Sorry I haven't blogged in forever! I haven't been near my computer all weekend! I actually had a busy/fun weekend, so I thought I would share it with you guys :) 

So, after school my friends and I went downtown and hung out. I got my first peppermint hot chocolate ever and omggggg I am in love! They are the greatest drinks ever! I am going to do a blog post on how to make them at home because that's all I have been drinking, haha. 
Anyway, we ended seeing Breaking Dawn Part 1 (of the Twilight series) later that night. We had to get the tickets and wait awhile (around a hour) for the movie to start. I am not much of a Twilight fan, I have never read the books, or seen any of the other movies before. I just went to this one because I thought it looked good :) Anyway, the movie was soo good! It was funny, one part scared me (I can't remember what part, lol) and the ending was omg! That's all I can say about the ending o.m.g! Do I have to wait a year for the next one to come out?? Anyways, I am planing on reading the books and watching the rest of the movies because I was a bit lost through the movie, and there was references from the past films and I was like, huh? But it is really good and you should go see it if you haven't! 

I ended up going to the mall and coat shopping! Yay for winter! So, I got a ski jacket and it is pink and purple (of course!) it is fitted and really pretty <3 It was put the the test of warmth today, it was like -3 when I left this morning and went to a high of 0. I know I sound super wimpy, but I am not use to the cold yet :P  Maybe I can do an outfit of the day outside when its super cold , that would be fun!
On Saturday night my friends and I got some peppermint hot chocolate and went to the Santa Parade! It was sorta lame, nothing to special. I didn't end up taking any pictures because I still don't have a camera but I am getting one for Christmas and I will be taking a lot then! 
After the parade we went to my friends house and had a slumber party! We order pizza, listened to music, played wii and talked. It was really fun! :) 

I went to my cousins baby shower for most of the day. My cousin lives out in the country so it is always nice to go out there :) And I noticed that all the leaves from the trees had fallen off! I am so slow, haha! Anyways, my cousins baby is sosososso cute <333 His name is Logan and is a month or so old. I got to hold him and he started crying :( but I guess he was just hungry, lol. We also got to play a lot of baby shower games and I tried so hard to win, but I didn't, oh well maybe next time! They also had this really yummy dip there and once I get the recipe I will do a post on it, honestly it is the best dip I have ever had! 
When we got home I started my lab that was due the next day (leave it to me for doing homework at the last minute!). I probably looked like that cartoon! But I got it done in time! :D 

So, that is pretty much my weekend :) I will start posting every other day again starting now! Haha, talk to you later!!

What did you do this weekend?
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