Thursday, November 24, 2011

Review: Healthy Sexy Hair - Leave in Conditioner

Hey Everyone!
So, a few weeks ago I hunted down this leave in conditioner by Healthy Sexy Hair (it is from the popular brand Sexy Hair).
The main reason I was drawn to this product is because it prevents static electricity. My hair in the winter drives me crazy! I think it is just the dry heat in my house or at school, but if I run my fingers through it or use a scarf my hair clings to my face. Not fun. Since I started using it a few weeks ago I have had no issue with static electricity. I am so happy, I hope this continues to work with my hair :) I have tried a few different products mostly shampoo and conditioners but they haven't worked, so I give this a thumbs up! 
This product also gives a lot of moisture to your hair. It says it helps with detangling but I didn't find it helped with my tangles very much. I have a separate detangler but this product didn't help me there. It could vary on different hair types though! 
When using this product it is best to have damp hair. I like to spray it 4-6 times into the palm of my hair and apply it from my ears down. I only apply from my ears down because I don't like to put product on my roots because my hair tends to get oily quick and I'd rather avoid it becoming oily faster than it already is. This goes for all of my hair products except shampoo. You can obviously spray it directly on your hair if you'd rather that :) Once it is on you hair you just want to brush it out. 
It also doesn't smell like anything, I wished it did just because I like scented hair products, LOL :)  
This retails for $17 in Canada and I think around $14 in US and you can get it at any salon store. Mine was from Beauty Express, I am not sure if it is a chain or a local store. Also, where I got mine they had these 'baby' ones (probably for traveling) for only $2 and you can always try it out and see if you like it and if you do buy the normal size later! 
Overall I give this product and 8.5/10. 

I will have my nails of the week up tomorrow, I just painted them last night!
And Happy Thanksgiving to all of my American followers :) Hope you have a great (and yummy) thanksgiving!! 
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